UN Documents for Somalia

Selected Security Council Resolutions View All
28 August 2020 S/RES/2540 This resolution extended UNSOM’s mandate for 12 months until 31 August 2021.
22 June 2020 S/RES/2527 This renewed the mandate of UNSOM until 31 August 2020 through a technical rollover.
29 May 2020 S/RES/2520 This resolution renewed the AMISOM authorisation until 28 February 2021.
Selected Security Council Presidential Statements View All
7 June 2018 S/PRST/2018/13 This was a presidential statement welcoming the conditions-based transition plan in Somalia for the progressive transfer of security responsibilities to national forces.
9 August 2017 S/PRST/2017/14 This was on the threat of famine in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and north-east Nigeria.
10 February 2017 S/PRST/2017/3 This presidential statement welcomed the conclusion of the electoral process.
Selected Secretary-General's Reports View All
13 May 2020 S/2020/398 This was a report on the activities of UNSOM. 
13 February 2020 S/2020/121 This report provided updates on the implementation and mandates of UNSOM and UNSOS between 5 November 2019 to 4 February 2020.
15 November 2019 S/2019/884 This report covered developments in Somalia from 5 August to 4 November 2019.
Selected Sanctions Committee Documents View All
1 November 2019 S/2019/858 This was the final report of the Panel of Experts on Somalia.
7 October 2019 S/2019/799 This contained the report of the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator on the delivery of humanitarian assistance in Somalia.
13 December 2018 S/2018/1115 This was a letter from the Secretary-General transmitting the names appointed to the panel of experts.
Selected Security Council Letters View All
23 June 2020 S/2020/573 This was the adoption of resolution 2527.
11 June 2020 S/2020/529 This was a copy of the 9 June briefing provided by Ambassador Marc Pecsteen de Buytswerve (Belgium) in his capacity as Chair of the Security Council Committee pursuant to resolution 751 (1992), concerning Somalia.
29 May 2020 S/2020/466 This letter from the president of the Security Council contained both the draft resolution and letters received in reply from Council members indicating their national positions on the draft resolution. It also contained a statement from Somalia.
Selected Security Council Meeting Records View All
20 August 2020 S/PV.8755 This were briefing and consultations on Somalia with James Swan, Special Representative and head of UNSOM, and Francisco Madeira, AU Special Representative, briefing the Council.
24 February 2020 S/PV.8731 This meeting discussed the situation in Somalia and the latest report, covering 5 November 2019 to 4 February 2020.
21 November 2019 S/PV.8671 This was the briefing by Special Representative and head of UNSOM James Swan.
Selected Security Council Press Statements View All
28 February 2020 SC/14133 This press statement reiterated the Council's support for Somalia to hold elections in late 2020 or 2021, as planned. It welcomed the enactment of the Electoral Law but noted that essential issues need resolving.
29 December 2019 SC/14067 Security Council members issued this press statement to condemn the deadly terrorist attack of 28 December 2019 at the Ex-control Afgoye Junction in Mogadishu.
25 November 2019 SC/14034 In this press statement Council members focused on efforts needed to have free, fair, and inclusive elections in Somalia.
Selected General Assembly Documents View All
24 June 2010 A/RES/64/287 This was the General Assembly resolution on financing of UN support to AMISOM for the period from 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011.
23 June 2009 A/C.5/63/L.66 This was a draft resolution on financing of activities arising from Security Council resolution 1863 (2009).
7 April 2009 A/RES/63/275 This was the GA resolution on financing the activities arising from Security Council resolution 1863 (2009).
Selected Human Rights Council Documents View All
28 September 2018 A/HRC/RES/39/23 The Human Rights Council adopted without a vote a resolution on assistance to Somalia in the field of human rights.
19 July 2018 A/HRC/39/72 This was the report of the independent expert on human rights in Somalia.
13 April 2016 A/HRC/32/12 This was the report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review on Somalia.
Selected Notes by the President of the Security Council View All
29 March 1995 S/1995/234 This note indicated that the Council agreed to implement measures to make the sanctions committees more transparent by, inter alia, increasing the practice of issuing press releases after Committee meetings.
Selected Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict Documents View All
13 July 2017 S/AC.51/2017/2 This was the conclusions of the Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict on children and armed conflict in Somalia.
Selected Other Documents View All
13 July 2007 S/2007/421/Corr.1 This was the corrigendum of the report of the Security Council mission to Addis Ababa, Khartoum, Accra, Abidjan and Kinshasa, from14 to 21 June 2007.
11 July 2007 S/2007/421 This was a report of the Security Council mission to Addis Ababa, Khartoum, Accra, Abidjan and Kinshasa, from14 to 21 June 2007.
2 July 2007 DP/DCP/SOM/1/Rev.1 This was the UNDP draft country programme document for Somalia (2008-2009).