UN Documents for Mali

Selected Security Council Resolutions View All
29 August 2019 S/RES/2484 This resolution renewed the Mali sanctions measures (travel ban and asset freeze) until 31 August 2020 and the mandate of the Panel of Experts until 30 September 2020.
28 June 2019 S/RES/2480 The Council renewed the mandate of MINUSMA until 30 June 2020.
30 August 2018 S/RES/2432 The Council renewed the targeted sanctions regime on Mali—travel ban and assets freeze—and the mandate of the 2374 Mali Sanctions Committee’s Panel of Experts.
Selected Security Council Presidential Statements View All
3 April 2019 S/PRST/2019/2 This encouraged the Malian parties to adopt a revised roadmap.
3 November 2016 S/PRST/2016/16 This was a presidential statement that strongly condemned repeated ceasefire violations in Mali over the last few months and urged the parties to expeditiously carry out all their commitments under the 2015 Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation.
6 February 2015 S/PRST/2015/5 This was a presidential statement ahead of the start of the fifth round of the inter-Malian negotiation process in Algiers scheduled for 8 February.
Selected Secretary-General's Reports View All
20 March 2020 S/2020/223 This was a quarterly report on Mali.
30 December 2019 S/2019/983 This was a Secretary-General's report on Mali.
1 October 2019 S/2019/782 This was a Secretary-General's report on Mali.
Selected Sanctions Committee Documents View All
12 March 2020 SC/14144 This was a 2374 Sanctions Committee press release on the Panel of Experts’ mid-term report.
28 February 2020 S/2020/158 This is the mid-term report of the Mali Panel of Experts.
19 December 2019 SC/14064 This was press release announcing the 2374 Sanctions Committee's approval of additional measures (an assets freeze) to five individual on its sanctions list.
Selected Security Council Letters View All
27 December 2019 S/2019/1004 This was a letter from the Secretary-General on security challenges, MINUSMA performance and transition planning in Mali.
19 October 2018 S/2018/945 This was the note verbale from France, conveying a report to the Security Council on the implementation of the mandate of the French forces in Mali.
18 July 2017 S/2017/626 This was a summary of the 2242 Informal Expert Group on Women and Peace and Security meeting on Mali on 4 May 2017.
Selected Security Council Meeting Records View All
15 January 2020 S/PV.8703 This was a briefing on Mali with Under-Secretary-General Pierre Lacroix and Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Mali Tiébilé Dramé.
8 October 2019 S/PV.8636 This was a briefing on Mali by Mahamat Saleh Annadif, the Special Representative and head of MINUSMA, and Ambassador José Singer (Dominican Republic) as chair of the Mali 2374 Sanctions Committee.
28 June 2019 S/PV.8568 This was the meeting at which resolution 2480 was adopted.
Selected Security Council Press Statements View All
17 January 2020 SC/14083 This press statement noted some progress in the implementation of the 2015 Mali Peace and Reconciliation Agreement but expressed serious concern about the delays in the implementation of many of its substantive provisions.
9 October 2019 SC/13981 This press statement was on the implementation of the Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation in Mali and the overall security situation.
19 May 2019 SC/13813 This condemned the attacks against MINUSMA vehicles in Timbuktu and Tessalit, in which a peacekeeper from Nigeria was killed and several others were injured.
Selected Human Rights Council Documents View All
15 January 2020 A/HRC/43/76 This was a report of the Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Mali, covering the period from 1 April to 20 November 2019.
23 March 2018 A/HRC/RES/37/39 This was a resolution extending the mandate of the independent expert on the situation of human rights in Mali for one year.
2 February 2018 A/HRC/37/78 This was the latest report from the independent expert on the situation of human rights in Mali, presented at the 37th session of the Human Rights Council.
Selected Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict Documents View All
4 May 2018 S/AC.51/2018/1 This was the conclusions on children and armed conflict in Mali adopted by the Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict.