UN Documents for Mali: Security Council Presidential Statements

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15 October 2020 S/PRST/2020/10 This presidential statement welcomed the new transitional arrangements in Mali following the 18 August coup d’état and outlined expectations of the way forward.
3 April 2019 S/PRST/2019/2 This encouraged the Malian parties to adopt a revised roadmap.
3 November 2016 S/PRST/2016/16 This was a presidential statement that strongly condemned repeated ceasefire violations in Mali over the last few months and urged the parties to expeditiously carry out all their commitments under the 2015 Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation.
6 February 2015 S/PRST/2015/5 This was a presidential statement ahead of the start of the fifth round of the inter-Malian negotiation process in Algiers scheduled for 8 February.
28 July 2014 S/PRST/2014/15 This presidential statement welcomed the commencement on 16 July of the inter-Malian negotiation process in Algiers.
23 January 2014 S/PRST/2014/2 The Council called on all the signatories of the 18 June Ouagadougou Preliminary Agreement to fully implement its provisions.
4 April 2012 S/PRST/2012/9 This presidential statement was adopted in response to a spreading Tuareg rebellion in the north and called for the immediate restoration of constitutional rule and demanded an end to all hostilities in the north. It also condemned the seizure of territory by rebels in the north, particularly expressing alarm over the presence of Al-Qaida-affiliated terrorists in the north of the country and in the wider Sahel region.
26 March 2012 S/PRST/2012/7 Echoed the press statement of 22 March on Mali that responded to the forcible seizure of power in Mali and called for the restoration of the constitutional order.
21 February 2012 S/PRST/2012/2 Was on the impact of transnational organized crime on peace, security and stability in West Africa and the Sahel Region, including piracy.