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Latest post: Fri 4 Dec 2020

Insights on the work of the UN Security Council

Burundi: Presidential Statement

Today (4 December) the Security Council will adopt a presidential statement on Burundi which calls on the government of Burundi to cooperate with the UN to address a number of challenges that the country faces, while also requesting the Secretary-General to cease providing periodic reporting on the situation in Burundi and instead cover the country in the context of his regular reporting on Central Africa and the Great Lakes region. France, as the penholder on Burundi, circulated a draft text on 27 November. A round of informal negotiations was held on 1 December. France circulated an updated version of the draft yesterday (3 December). The draft passed silence this morning.

While it appears that there was broad agreement amongst Council members to end the Secretary-General’s periodic reporting on Burundi, reaching consensus on the draft text required compromise. There were differences in how prominently different Council members wanted to refer to Burundi’s many challenges on, for example, human rights, the rule of law and fundamental freedoms. The draft text recognises gains in these areas, but “stresses important work ahead”, while also raising “continued concern” about human rights violations and abuses.

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