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Latest post: Sun 14 Apr 2024

Insights on the work of the UN Security Council

Emergency Meeting on the Iranian Airborne Attack against Israel

This afternoon (14 April) at 4 pm EST, the Security Council will convene for an emergency meeting on the airborne attack that Iran launched against Israel yesterday (13 April). Israel requested the meeting, which will be held under the agenda item “The situation in the Middle East”. Secretary-General António Guterres is expected to brief.

Israel requested the meeting in a 13 April letter addressed to the president of the Security Council and the Secretary-General. The letter described the attack as a “clear violation” of the UN Charter and international law, accused Iran of stoking regional instability, and called on the Council to “unequivocally condemn Iran for these grave violations and immediately act to designate the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] as a terrorist organization”.

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