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Latest post: Sun 29 Jan 2023

Insights on the work of the UN Security Council

Cyprus: Vote on UNFICYP Mandate Renewal Resolution

Tomorrow morning (30 January), the Security Council is scheduled to vote on a draft resolution renewing the mandate of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) for another year, until 31 January 2024.

The negotiations on the draft resolution appear to have been smooth, reflecting the Council’s united support for UNFICYP’s work. The UK, the penholder on Cyprus, circulated a first draft of the resolution on 17 January and convened one round of negotiations on 20 January. The penholder then placed a revised draft under silence on 25 January until 26 January. The silence procedure was extended until Friday morning (27 January). After passing silence on Friday, the draft resolution was put in blue.

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