UN Documents for Burundi

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29 July 2016 S/RES/2303 The Council established a UN police component in Burundi of 228 officers for an initial period of one year.
1 April 2016 S/RES/2279 This was a resolution requesting the Secretary-General to provide options for a police component to increase UN presence in Burundi.
9 November 2015 S/RES/2248 This resolution expressed the Council's intention to consider additional measures against all Burundians who contribute to the perpetuation of violence and requested the Secretary-General to update the Council on the situation in Burundi within 15 days.
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5 April 2018 S/PRST/2018/7 This was a presidential statement condemning all violations and abuses of human rights in Burundi.
2 August 2017 S/PRST/2017/13 This was a statement on the political situation and ongoing violence in Burundi which strongly urged the government and all parties to immediately cease and reject such violence.
28 October 2015 S/PRST/2015/18 This was a presidential statement taking note of the 17 October AU communique on Burundi (PSC/PR/COMM.(DLI)), expressing its concern about the growing insecurity in Burundi and continuing violence, condemning human rights abuses and calling for dialogue between all stakeholders.
Selected Secretary-General's Reports View All
20 November 2018 S/2018/1028 This was the Secretary-General's report on the situation in Burundi.
25 January 2018 S/2018/89 This was the Secretary-General's latest report on the situation in Burundi.
23 February 2017 S/2017/165 This was Secretary-General's report on Burundi.
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14 September 2017 S/2017/779 This was a letter from Burundi rejecting the Human Rights Council's Commission of Inquiry report on human rights violations in the country.
19 September 2016 S/2016/799 This contained the report of the Secretary-General on options to enable the UN to facilitate the deployment of AU human rights observers and military experts.
15 April 2016 S/2016/352 This was a letter from the Secretary-General presenting options for a police component to increase UN presence in Burundi.
Selected Security Council Meeting Records View All
21 November 2018 S/PV.8408 This was a briefing by Michel Kafando, the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Burundi, on the latest Secretary-General's report on Burundi.
9 August 2018 S/PV.8325 This was a briefing by Special Envoy for Burundi Michel Kafando on the situation in Burundi.
24 May 2018 S/PV.8268 This was a briefing on Burundi by the chair of the Burundi configuration of the Peacebuilding Commission, Jürg Lauber (Switzerland).
Selected Security Council Press Statements View All
22 August 2018 SC/13461 This was a press statement reiterating their concern over the political situation, the slow progress of the inter-Burundi dialogue led by the East African Community, and the lack of engagement by the government in this regard.
13 March 2017 SC/12750 This was a press statement expressing concern about the humanitarian and human rights situation in the country and the slow progress in the Inter-Burundian dialogue.
14 October 2016 SC/12554 This called for the implementation of resolution 2303.
Selected General Assembly Documents View All
20 September 2005 A/60/L.1 This was a draft resolution on the 2005 World Summit Outcome.
18 September 1962 A/RES/1749 (XVII) This resolution admitted Burundi as a member of the UN.
Selected Human Rights Council Documents View All
29 September 2017 A/HRC/RES/36/19 This was a Human Rights Council resolution extending the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry on Burundi for one year.
28 September 2017 A/HRC/RES/36/2 This was a Human Rights Council resolution requesting OHCHR to urgently dispatch a team of three experts to Burundi to collect information concerning human rights violations in cooperation with the government of Burundi and to forward such information to the judicial authorities of Burundi.
11 August 2017 A/HRC/36/54 This was the report of the Commission of Inquiry on Burundi, established by HRC resolution 33/24 of 30 September 2016.
Selected Other Documents View All
28 February 1995 S/1995/163 This was a report of the Council mission to Burundi on 10 and 11 February 1995.
7 September 1994 S/1994/1039 This was the report of the Security Council’s fact-finding mission to Burundi, on 13 and 14 August 1994.