UN Documents for Burundi: Security Council Press Statements

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22 August 2018 SC/13461 This was a press statement reiterating their concern over the political situation, the slow progress of the inter-Burundi dialogue led by the East African Community, and the lack of engagement by the government in this regard.
13 March 2017 SC/12750 This was a press statement expressing concern about the humanitarian and human rights situation in the country and the slow progress in the Inter-Burundian dialogue.
14 October 2016 SC/12554 This called for the implementation of resolution 2303.
19 December 2015 SC/12174 This was a press statement noting the AU decision to deploy an African Prevention and Protection Mission in Burundi and calling on all Burundian stakeholders to fully comply with it.
4 August 2015 SC/11996 This was a press statement condemning the killing of General Adolphe Nshimirimana in Bujumbura on 2 August 2015 and the violent attack on human rights activist Pierre Claver Mbonimpa on 3 August 2015.
4 June 2015 SC/11919 This called on all Burundian parties to reach agreement on a new electoral calendar; urging protection of civil and human rights and disarmament of all armed youth groups.
24 May 2015 SC/11905 This was a press statement condemning the killing of opposition leader Zedi Feruzi on 23 May in Bujumbura.
15 May 2015 SC/11896 This was a press statement calling for the establishment of a genuine dialogue between all Burundians to create the necessary conditions for credible elections.
17 April 2015 SC/11864 This was a press statement, stressing that the government and political opposition refrain from any acts of violence and intimidation before, during and after the upcoming elections.
10 April 2014 SC/11350 This press statement expressed concern over acts of intimidation, harassment and violence committed by youth groups in Burundi.
23 June 2010 SC/9959 This was a press statement urging all political stakeholders to participate fully in the electoral process and to work to ensure proper conduct of the 28 June presidential election.
22 May 2008 SC/9339 The Council expressed concerns about the clashes between government forces and the FNL in Burundi and called for an end to hostilities and full implementation of the 2006 comprehensive ceasefire agreement.
28 November 2007 SC/9181 The Council encouraged the Burundian government and FNL rebels to abide by the peace agreement and refrain from actions that would undermine its implementation.
21 June 2007 SC/9056 The Council welcomed talks between the Government of Burundi and "Forces nationales de liberation" (FNL).
21 December 2006 SC/8921 The Council commended the UN Operation in Burundi (ONUB) for its work and stressed the challenges remaining for Burundi.