UN Documents for Liberia

Selected Security Council Resolutions View All
23 December 2016 S/RES/2333 This resolution renewed the mandate of UNMIL for a final period until 30 March 2018.
14 September 2016 S/RES/2308 This was a resolution which extended UNMIL's mandate, in its current configuration, for an additional three months.
25 May 2016 S/RES/2288 This was a resolution that terminated the Liberia sanctions regime, including remaining arms measures, the mandate of the Panel of Experts and the 1521 Sanctions Committee.
Selected Security Council Presidential Statements View All
19 April 2018 S/PRST/2018/8 This was a presidential statement on the closure of UNMIL.
24 July 2017 S/PRST/2017/11 This was a presidential statement on the Liberia peacebuilding plan and upcoming presidential elections.
Selected Secretary-General's Reports View All
13 April 2018 S/2018/344 This was the Secretary-General's final report on UNMIL.
16 June 2017 S/2017/510 This was the Secretary-General’s report on UNMIL
15 November 2016 S/2016/968 This was a report on the assessment mission to Liberia.
Selected Sanctions Committee Documents View All
15 April 2016 S/2016/348 This was the report of the Panel of Experts on Liberia.
21 July 2015 S/2015/558 This letter transmitted the final report of the Panel of Experts.
19 November 2014 S/2014/831 This was the final report of the Liberia Panel of Experts.
Selected Security Council Letters View All
4 April 2017 S/2017/282 This was a letter from the Secretary-General transmitting the Liberia Peacebuilding Plan.
31 July 2015 S/2015/590 This was an update by the Secretary-General on arms, ammunition and border issues.
23 April 2015 S/2015/282 This letter transmitted a report from the PBC chair to the Council.
Selected Security Council Meeting Records View All
19 April 2018 S/PV.8239 This was the final briefing on Liberia following the closure of UNMIL on 30 March.
24 July 2017 S/PV.8010 This was a meeting on the situation in Liberia during which the Council adopted S/PRST/2017/11.
27 June 2017 S/PV.7984 This was a briefing by Special Representative of the Secretary-General and head of UNMIL Farid Zarif on the situation in Liberia.
Selected Security Council Press Statements View All
8 January 2018 SC/13154 This was a press statement congratulating Liberia for the peaceful conduct of the 26 December 2017 presidential runoff election.
22 November 2017 SC/13084 This press statement was on the Liberian electoral process.
8 June 2012 SC/10668 The Council condemned the attack by unknown militia fighters which killed seven peacekeepers from Niger and eleven others in the southwest of Côte d'Ivoire near the Liberian border.
Selected Peacebuilding Commission Documents View All
13 March 2012 PBC/6/LBR/1 This was the review of progress in the implementation of the statement of mutual commitments on peacebuilding in Liberia.
Selected Human Rights Council Documents View All
13 July 2015 A/HRC/30/4 This was a report on Liberia of the Working Group on Universal Periodic Review.
Selected Other Documents View All
11 June 2009 S/2009/303 This was the report of the Security Council mission to the African Union; Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and Liberia.
2 July 2004 S/2004/525 This was the report of the Security Council mission to West Africa, 20-29 June 2004.
7 July 2003 S/2003/688 This was the report of the Security Council mission to West Africa, 26 June-5 July 2003.