UN Documents for Somalia: Security Council Press Statements

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7 June 2023 SC/15313 This was Security Council's press statement on the situation in Las Anod.
18 September 2021 SC/14641 In this press statement, Council members expressed deep concern about the ongoing disagreement within the Somali Government and the negative impact on the electoral timetable and process. They urged all stakeholders to exercise restraint, and underlined the importance of maintaining peace, security and stability in Somalia.
1 June 2021 SC/14537 This press statement welcomed the welcomed the agreement reached on 27 May between the federal government of Somalia and its federal member states on the implementation of the 17 September 2020 electoral model. It also welcomed the commitment to hold peaceful, transparent, inclusive and credible elections within 60 days, which respect the agreed‑upon minimum 30 per cent women’s quota in Parliament.
17 May 2021 SC/14503 In this press statement Council members expressed their concern about the disagreement among Somalia’s political leaders on the model for elections and referred to the 17 September 2020 agreement as only basis for the holding of elections which was endorsed by the Federal Government and all its member states.
28 February 2020 SC/14133 This press statement reiterated the Council's support for Somalia to hold elections in late 2020 or 2021, as planned. It welcomed the enactment of the Electoral Law but noted that essential issues need resolving.
29 December 2019 SC/14067 Security Council members issued this press statement to condemn the deadly terrorist attack of 28 December 2019 at the Ex-control Afgoye Junction in Mogadishu.
25 November 2019 SC/14034 In this press statement Council members focused on efforts needed to have free, fair, and inclusive elections in Somalia.
15 July 2019 SC/13883 This press statement condemned the terrorist attack in Kismayo on 12 July 2019.
1 March 2019 SC/13729 Council members issued a press statement condemning the terrorist attacks of 28 February along the Mukkah Almukaramah road in Mogadishu.
16 January 2019 SC/13666 Council members condemned a terrorist attack in Nairobi which occurred the previous day and paid tribute to Kenya’s role in the fight against terrorism, particularly its role in AMISOM, fighting against Al-Shabaab.
5 January 2019 SC/13657 Council members issued a statement regarding the decision of the Federal Government of Somalia to declare the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, Nicholas Haysom, persona non grata.
10 November 2018 SC/13572 This was a Council press statement condemning a terrorist attack in Mogadishu on 9 November resulting in several civilian casualties.
20 September 2018 SC/13516 Council members issued a press statement welcoming the Agreement on Peace, Friendship and Comprehensive Cooperation signed by Eritrea and Ethiopia on 16 September.
4 April 2018 SC/13277 This was a statement condemning in the strongest terms the 1 April attack perpetrated by Al-Shabaab in Lower Shabelle, in which a number of AMISOM soldiers were killed and injured.
25 February 2018 SC/13223 Council members condemned two terrorist attacks of 23 February in Mogadishu.