UN Documents for Somalia: Security Council Letters

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2 August 2019 S/2019/627 This was from the Secretary-General on developments towards the normalisation of relations between Djibouti and Eritrea.
10 May 2019 S/2019/388 This contained the findings and recommendations of the AU-UN joint review of AMISOM’s mandate.
11 February 2019 S/2019/140 This was a letter from the Secretary-General to the president of the Council on the increase of UN guards in Mogadishu.
7 December 2018 S/2018/1094 This was a letter from the permanent representatives of Austria, Belgium, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland concerning the Somalia sanctions regime and the office of the ombudsperson.
5 July 2018 S/2018/674 This was the Secretary-General's report on the comprehensive assessment of AMISOM, requested by resolution 2372.
9 May 2018 S/2018/439 This was a letter from the UAE to the president of the Council regarding Somalia.
5 May 2017 S/2017/404 This was a strategic assessment of the UN presence in Somalia.
12 April 2016 S/2016/350 This was a letter that informed the Council of the UK’s readiness to deploy 70 military personnel to support UNSOS.
31 March 2016 S/2016/300 This was a letter from Djibouti on the release of four of the 19 Djibouti prisoners of war still in custody in Eritrea.
7 October 2015 S/2015/762 This letter concerned the strategic review of UNSOA and concepts for the extension of the SNA support package.
31 March 2015 S/2015/234 This letter communicated the Secretary-General's intention to increase the UN guard unit supporting UNSOM from 410 to 530 personnel.
23 October 2014 S/2014/760 This was a letter from Egypt requesting postponement of the vote on resolution 2182.
3 April 2014 S/2014/243 This letter transmitted the Secretary-General’s recommendations for improved regulation of small arms by FGS.
1 April 2014 S/2014/239 This letter informed the Council of the planned deployment of a UN guard unit with 410 troops.
13 February 2014 S/2014/100 This letter transmitted a progress report on AMISOM's mandate.