June 2006 Monthly Forecast

Posted 26 May 2006
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Notable Dates

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June 2006

Reports due for Consideration in June

Relevant Document

by late May

President and Prosecutor assessments from the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and Rwanda (ICTR)  (semi-annual)


by late May

SG Report on MONUC (UN Organization in the DRC) (quarterly)


by late May

SG report on UNMIK (UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo) 


1 June

SG report on UNFICYP (UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus) (semi-annual)


1 June

SG report on UNMOVIC (UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission) (quarterly)


6 June

SG update on UNOTIL (UN Office in Timor-Leste)


7 June

Liberia Sanctions Committee report from the 1521 Committee’s Panel of Experts


8 June

SG report on UNAMI (UN Assistance Mission for Iraq) (quarterly)


9 June

UNIIIC (UN International Independent Investigation Commission) (quarterly)


15 June

SG report on ONUB (UN Operation in Burundi) (quarterly)


23 June

SG report on UNMIS (UN Mission in the Sudan) (quarterly)


June 2006

Mandates Expire


31 May UNMEE (UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea)




15 June UNIIIC


20 June UNOTIL


21 June

Panel of Experts of the 1521 Committee concerning Liberia


30 June



1 July



June 2006 Other Important Dates
2-3 June 

Security Council members will participate in a retreat with the Secretary-General.

12 June

The IAEA’s Board of Governors will meet in Vienna.

15 June

Review of the multinational force in Iraq (S/RES/1637)

22 June

Under the Darfur Peace Agreement, signed on 5 May, Khartoum must produce a plan to disarm the Janjaweed.

26 June

The Working Group on Children in Armed Conflict is expected to meet.

27 June

The ICC is expected to confirm charges against Thomas Lubanga, a former militia leader from Ituri in the DRC.

Also expected:

  • In June there will be two Council Missions: one to Sudan, Chad and AU Headquarters; and the second to the DRC.
  • The AU Peace and Security Council has given the two smaller factions of the SLM (JEM and al-Nur) until 31 May to sign the Darfur Peace Agreement.  Otherwise, the AU-PSC will consider measures against these factions, including sanctions.
  • The Organisational Committee for the Peacebuilding Commission will meet for the first time in June in New York.
  • The ICC Chief Prosecutor is expected to brief the Council on Darfur in June (S/RES/1593).
  • A pledging conference to strengthen AMIS is expected to be held in Brussels in early June.
  • An open debate on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict in the Council is currently planned for 28 June.  An Arria Meeting on the same topic is also expected in late June, prior to the debate.
  • The Chairs of the 1267 Committee, 1540 Committee and the CTC will give a joint oral briefing in an open meeting of the Council.

Important Dates over the Horizon

  • Recommendations from the Secretary-General regarding a UN operation in Darfur are expected a week after the proposed joint UN/AU assessment mission completes its task (S/RES/1679).
  • The semi-annual AU Summit will be held 1-2 July in Banjul, Gambia; a focus on the Peacebuilding Commission is expected.
  • More detailed discussions on the appointment of a new Secretary-General are expected in July; the selection process is expected between September and October.
  • A Council debate on Children in Armed Conflict is scheduled for 17 July.
  • The G8 Summit will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia from 15-17 July.
  • Presidential and parliamentary elections in the DRC are expected by 30 July (postponed from 18 June).
  • An international donors’ conference for Haiti is planned for July in Port-au-Prince.
  • A major focus on Haiti in the Council is likely in August.
  • An open debate on Cooperation between the Council and Regional Organisations is possible in September.
  • The mandate of UNMIS expires on 24 September (S/RES/1663) and the mandate of AMIS expires on 30 September (S/2006/156).
  • Elections for the 2007-2009 members of the Security Council are expected in October.
  • The first annual report of the Peacebuilding Commission is due in December; it will be subject to a Council debate. (S/RES/1645 and 1646)
  • An open debate on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict is possible in December.

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