UN Documents for Democratic Republic of the Congo: Security Council Press Statements

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8 November 2011 SC/10441 This press statement expressed concern over violence in the DRC.
17 October 2011 SC/10414 This statement was on elections in the DRC.
7 February 2011 SC/10167 This statement was on the situation in the DRC.
26 August 2010 SC/10016 The Council expressed outrage at the mass rapes committed in Walikale.
18 August 2010 SC/10010 The Council condemned the attacks on peacekeepers in Kirumba, which resulted in the death of three Indian soldiers.
17 November 2009 SC/9791 This was a press statement expressing concerns at the direct and serious threat the activities of the LRA pose to the civilian population, humanitarian operations and regional stability.
10 July 2009 SC/9703 The Council noted the DRC's announcement of a zero-tolerance policy against criminal acts and misconduct in its armed forces.
9 April 2009 SC/9633 The Council expressed support for operations jointly planned and conducted by the Congolese army and MONUC against the Forces democratiques de liberation du Rwanda, the LRA and other armed groups.
16 January 2009 SC/9576 The Council condemned attacks carried out by the LRA, which resulted in over 640 dead.
12 September 2007 SC/9113 The Council urged all parties "to comply with international humanitarian law ..., to facilitate access for humanitarian operators to the persons affected by the conflict,... [and] to respect the ceasefire and initiate a dialogue."
7 February 2007 SC/8949 The Council expressed concern with the violence in western Democratic Republic of the Congo.
17 November 2006 SC/8870 The Council called on the candidates to refrain from violence.