UN Documents for Democratic Republic of the Congo: Security Council Press Statements

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28 August 2014 SC/11533 This press statement reaffirmed Council members' support for the swift neutralisation of the FDLR.
28 October 2013 SC/11163 This press statement condemned the M23 attacks against MONUSCO that resulted in the death of a peacekeeper and also addressed shells that had landed in Rwandan territory.
12 September 2013 SC/11119 This press statement expressed the Council’s support for the PSC Framework.
29 August 2013 SC/11108 Condemned recent attacks by the M23 against civilians and MONUSCO.
8 May 2013 SC/11001 This press statement condemned an attack that killed a Pakistani peacekeeper in South Kivu.
22 March 2013 SC/10956 This press statement welcomed the surrender of Bosco Ntaganda to the ICC.
24 February 2013 SC/10924 This press statement welcomed the signing of a political framework agreement by the Secretary-General and the chairpersons of the AU Commission, the Southern African Development Community and the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region.
17 November 2012 SC/10819 The Council expressed concern over the rapidly deteriorating situation in DRC.
2 August 2012 SC/10736 This press statement on the DRC condemned attacks by the M23 rebel group and called for the cessation of all outside support to M23.
16 July 2012 SC/10709 The Council condemned all outside support to all armed groups in the DRC and demanded that all forms of support to them cease immediately.
6 July 2012 SC/10702 This statement condemned recent attacks by the M23 group.
15 June 2012 SC/10675 This press statement condemned recent attacks by the M23 group.
14 May 2012 SC/10647 This was on the attacks on Pakistani peacekeepers.
3 May 2012 SC/10634 This statement followed the events in North Kivu.
2 December 2011 SC/10470 This statement was on the election process.