UN Documents for Democratic Republic of the Congo: Security Council Press Statements

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21 November 2018 SC/13599 This was a press statement on the electoral process in the DRC.
15 November 2018 SC/13583 This was a a press statement condemning the killing of seven MONUSCO peacekeepers in North Kivu.
13 August 2018 SC/13455 This was a press statement on developments in the electoral process in the DRC.
22 March 2018 SC/13260 Council members expressed their concern over the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the DRC.
29 January 2018 SC/13186 This was a press release condemning the killing of one Pakistani peacekeeper and the injury of another in South Kivu on 27 January.
16 January 2018 SC/13163 This was a press statement calling on all stakeholders to remain committed to the 31 December 2016 Agreement, which remains the only viable path out of the current political situation.
8 December 2017 SC/13114 This was a statement condemning the 7 December attack by rebel groups that killed 15 peacekeepers and five Congolese soldiers.
28 November 2017 SC/13095 This was a statement on the electoral process in the DRC in which the Council noted that presidential, legislative and provincial elections are now scheduled for 23 December 2018.
10 October 2017 SC/13022 This press statement condemned the killing of two UN peacekeepers and the wounding of 18 in North Kivu by the Allied Democratic Forces on 9 October 2017.
21 September 2017 SC/12999 This condemned the attack in North Kivu that led to the death of a Tanzanian peacekeeper.
4 May 2017 SC/12809 This was a press statement expressing the Council's concern at the challenges facing the implementation of the 31 December 2016 agreement and stressing the importance of investigations into recent violence in Kasai.
29 March 2017 SC/12769 Council members condemned the killing of two experts from the DRC Sanctions Committee’s Group of Experts who were on mission in the Kasa├»-Central region and expressed concern over the unknown status of the four Congolese nationals accompanying them.
24 February 2017 SC/12734 This condemned the massacre in Kasai and called on the DRC to investigate the events.
19 December 2016 SC/12646 This was a press statement that condemned the death of a South African peacekeeper and of a Congolese police officer, as well as the injuries of two other South African peacekeepers.
21 September 2016 SC/12528 This press statement expressed concern over violent clashes between protestors and security forces that took place on 19 September.