UN Documents for Democratic Republic of the Congo: Security Council Press Statements

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22 November 2022 SC/15115 This was on the situation in the DRC.
27 July 2022 SC/14985 This was on the attack against MONUSCO in North Kivu province, resulting in the deaths of three peacekeepers. 
5 April 2022 SC/14855 This was on the attack against MONUSCO in Ituri province in which a Nepali peacekeeper was killed.
4 February 2022 SC/14787 This was a statement on the situation in DRC.
14 September 2021 SC/14634 The statement provided a summary on the 1533 (2004) sanctions committee meeting concerning illicit gold trafficking in the DRC .
10 May 2021 SC/14516 In this press statement Security Council members condemned an attack on MONUSCO that occurred on 10 May near Beni, which resulted in the death of one Malawian peacekeeper.
31 March 2021 SC/14483 In this press statement, members of the Council expressed concern at the continuing intercommunal violence and at the increase of armed group activity in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as concern with the current humanitarian situation, marked by a significant increase in the number of people in need of protection and humanitarian assistance.
23 June 2020 SC/14222 In this press statement Council members condemned an attack on MONUSCO that occurred on 22 June near Beni, which resulted in the death of one Indonesian peacekeeper and injured another.
14 October 2019 SC/13985 Council members welcomed the inauguration of the new coalition Government. Council members also express concern about the situation in eastern DRC and condemnation of all armed groups. Council members recalled the importance of the DRC and its neighbours to work together to tackle insecurity in eastern DRC with more integrated approaches and welcomed recent steps toward this by the parties involved. Finally, Council members reiterated concern about the ongoing humanitarian situation, including the Ebola crisis.
1 August 2019 SC/13907 Council members welcomed President Félix Tshisekedi’s efforts towards reconciliation, steps he has taken to open political space, and his initiatives to promote regional cooperation.
15 January 2019 SC/13663 This press statement noted the announcement by CENI of provisional results of the presidential and provincial elections, welcomed the subsequent peaceful and stable situation, and encouraged any disputes to be dealt with along legal channels.
22 December 2018 SC/13648 This was on the delay of elections in the DRC to 30 December.
18 December 2018 SC/13632 Council members expressed their "conviction that the elections of 23 December 2018, as an expression of the sovereignty of the people and Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, constitute a historic opportunity for the first democratic and peaceful transfer of power in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the consolidation of stability in the country and the creation of the conditions for its development."
21 November 2018 SC/13599 This was a press statement on the electoral process in the DRC.
15 November 2018 SC/13583 This was a a press statement condemning the killing of seven MONUSCO peacekeepers in North Kivu.