UN Documents for Great Lakes Region: Security Council Presidential Statements

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20 October 2021 S/PRST/2021/19 This presidential statement recognised the progress made in the implementation of national and regional commitments under the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework, and urged the signatory states to remain committed to its full implementation.
31 March 2016 S/PRST/2016/2 This was a presidential statement on conflict prevention in the region.
20 December 2006 S/PRST/2006/57 The Council welcomed the summit's decision to establish a regional secretariat in Burundi and cooperate on the region's security, stability and development.
14 October 1994 S/PRST/1994/59 This presidential statement encouraged the Secretary-General to consult and prepare for a conference on the region; this was the first mention of an international conference on the Great Lakes region.