UN Documents for Democratic Republic of the Congo: Security Council Letters

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20 December 2022 S/2022/991 This was the summary of the IEG’s 29 November meeting on the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
10 June 2021 S/2021/560 This letter contained the report submitted by the Group of Experts to the Committee established pursuant to resolution 1533 (2004) concerning the Democratic Republic
26 February 2021 S/2020/1265 This letter contained a voting record for resolution 2556.
9 November 2020 S/2020/1297 This was the summary of the IEG's 9 November 2020 meeting on the DRC.
27 October 2020 S/2020/1041 In this letter, the Secretary-General shared the “Joint Strategy on the Progressive and Phased Drawdown of MONUSCO”.
13 October 2020 S/2020/987 A letter from the President of the Council that contains some of the statements from the 6 October VTC on MONUSCO, including the briefing by MONUSCO's SRSG.
20 July 2020 S/2020/726 A letter from the Secretary-General appointing six people to the Group of Experts until 1 August 2021.
29 June 2020 S/2020/598 This was a letter transmitting the briefings and statements from the 25 June open VTC on MONUSCO.
19 December 2019 S/2019/965 This letter transmitted the annual report of the 1533 Committee, dealing with sanctions and activities related to the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 1 January to 31 December 2019.
17 December 2019 S/2019/954 This letter transmitted the official position of the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo regarding the situation in the country and the renewal of the mandate of MONUSCO.
8 November 2019 S/2019/870 This was a letter from the Permanent Representative of the Democratic Republic of the Congo addressed to the President of the Security Council concerning the recent independent strategic review of MONUSCO.
24 October 2019 S/2019/842 This letter transmitted the independent strategic review of MONUSCO.
8 April 2019 S/2019/296 This was the summary of the meeting of the Informal Expert Group held on 25 March 2019 on the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
20 December 2018 S/2018/1144 This was from the DRC government explaining the one-week election postponement.
29 October 2018 S/2018/977 This letter transmitted the 30-day update, covering the period from 29 September to 26 October, on political and technical progress towards the holding of elections on 23 December 2018.