UN Documents for Mali: Security Council Press Statements

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11 June 2014 SC/11438 This press statement condemned an attack on MINUSMA in which four Chadian peacekeepers were killed.
20 May 2014 SC/11406 This press statement condemned the violence in Kidal.
23 April 2014 SC/11361 This press statement on Mali expressed concern over the lack of progress on the peace talks .
14 December 2013 SC/11214 This press statement condemned the attack against MINUSMA in Kidal.
2 November 2013 SC/11169 This press statement was on the two French journalists killed in Kidal.
23 October 2013 SC/11157 This press statement condemned the attack against MINUSMA in Tessalit.
16 August 2013 SC/11096 This press statement took note of the provisional results of the presidential runoff elections in Mail.
19 June 2013 SC/11040 This welcomed the signing of the Preliminary Agreement to the Presidential Election and Inclusive Peace Talks in Mali.
18 January 2013 SC/10887 This press statement condemned a deadly hostage situation at the In Amenas natural gas facility in Algeria, 37 hostages were killed. Terrorists claiming to be affiliated to the Islamist militants operating in northern Mali claimed that they were acting in reaction to the emergency military intervention by France in Mali. Council members did not draw the connection in this press statement.
10 January 2013 SC/10878 This press statement expressed grave concern over attacks by terrorist and extremist groups in northern Mali.
11 December 2012 SC/10851 This press statement condemned the arrest of the interim prime minister and the dismissal of the government of Mali and urged the interim president to swiftly reappoint a national unity government.
10 August 2012 SC/10741 This press statement followed statements by the Secretary-General, representatives of ECOWAS and the AU, and the Permanent Representative of Mali.
18 June 2012 SC/10676 The Council expressed its readiness to back military in Mali once additional information provided by ECOWAS.
22 March 2012 SC/10590 This statement was on the forcible seizure of power in Mali and called for the restoration of the constitutional order.