UN Documents for South Sudan: Security Council Press Statements

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11 December 2023 SC/15523 This statement strongly condemned violence in Warrap State, South Sudan, and the Abyei Administrative Area in November and December 2023.
13 July 2020 SC/14248 This was a press statement welcoming developments in South Sudan’s peace process, including the agreement between the parties to the Revitalised Agreement on the allocation of states’ leadership positions and announcement of governors.
4 March 2020 SC/14137 This was a press statement that welcomed the formation of a Revitalised Transitional Government of National Unity.
22 November 2019 SC/14033 This was a press statement on the 100-day extension of the pre-transitional period under the R-ARCSS.
21 December 2018 SC/13647 Council members issued a press statement that strongly condemned the assault, detention and abuse of the Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring and Verification Mechanism team by government officials on 18 December 2018 in Luri, South Sudan and called on the government to investigate the incident immediately and hold those responsible accountable.
7 December 2018 SC/13611 Council issued a press statement condemning “heinous incidents of sexual and gender-based violence against women near Bentiu in northern South Sudan” and calling for accountability.
20 November 2018 SC/13593 https://www.un.org/press/en/2018/sc13593.doc.htm
5 May 2017 SC/12812 Council members condemned the attack on UNMISS personnel that took place on 3 May in Leer, South Sudan.
10 February 2017 SC/12713 This was a press statement condemning violence in South Sudan.
18 November 2016 SC/12596 This statement called on the government of South Sudan to address increasing hate speech and ethnic violence and to promote reconciliation.
10 July 2016 SC/12441 Council members condemned the escalation of fighting in Juba.
9 July 2016 SC/12440 On the evening of 9 July, Council members issued a press statement in which they condemned the fighting in Juba on 7-8 July and urged the transitional government to take steps to end the fighting and reduce tensions.
1 July 2016 SC/12431 Council members expressed alarm at the fighting in Wau.
4 May 2016 SC/12350 This was a press statement welcoming the formation of the transitional government of national unity.
19 February 2016 SC/12252 This was a press statement condemning the violence in the Malakal protection of civilians' site, which led to the deaths of 18 people.