UN Documents for G5 Sahel Joint Force: Security Council Press Statements

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4 November 2021 SC/14687 This was a press statement on the Security Council visiting mission from 23 to 25 October 2021 to Mali and Niger.
21 November 2019 SC/14029 This was a press statement on the joint force of the Group of Five for the Sahel, issued following the Council's 20 November briefing on the force.
16 May 2019 SC/13811 Council members issued a press statement following the meeting, welcoming the recent steps taken by the G5 Sahel states towards the full and effective operationalisation of the force and encouraging its continued scale-up to demonstrate tangible operational results.
15 November 2018 SC/13584 This statement encouraged the FC-G5S to conduct new operations and become fully operational as soon as possible and called on donors to honour their commitments to the force.
23 May 2018 SC/13353 Council members encouraged G5 States to achieve the full operational capacity of the force as soon as possible and insisted on the critical need for generating support through the swift disbursement of all pledges by donors.