UN Documents for Sierra Leone: Security Council Presidential Statements

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26 March 2014 S/PRST/2014/6 This presidential statement welcomed the conclusion of UNIPSIL and commending Sierra Leone for its achievements in consolidating peace 12 years after the conclusion of its civil war.
30 November 2012 S/PRST/2012/25 Urged all political parties in Sierra Leone to accept the results of the 17 November elections.
9 October 2012 S/PRST/2012/21 This presidential statement followed briefings by the President and Chief Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone and emphasised the need for further pledges of voluntary contributions in order to allow the Court to complete its mandate in a timely manner.
11 April 2012 S/PRST/2012/11 This presidential statement welcomed a clarification made by the Sierra Leone government on a multi-million dollar purchase of arms.
11 February 2011 S/PRST/2011/4 This presidential statement was on the interdependence between security and development highlighting the value of helping governments in post-conflict situations effectively manage their natural resources.
28 June 2007 S/PRST/2007/23 This was on the work of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.
20 December 2005 S/PRST/2005/63 This presidential statement marked the end of UN Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL)'s mandate.