August 2010 Monthly Forecast

Posted 30 July 2010
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Notable Dates

Reports for Consideration in August

Document Requesting Report

16 July

SG report on Peacebuilding


27 July

SG report on piracy off the coast of Somalia


31 July

SG report on Kosovo (UNMIK)


31 July

SG report on Chad/CAR (MINURCAT)


early August

SG report on Iraq (UNAMI)


mid August

SG report on Liberia (UNMIL)


August 2010

Mandates Expire

Relevant Document

7 August

Iraq (UNAMI)


31 August

Lebanon (UNIFIL)


August 2010

Other Important Dates

late August

The fully translated report of the Secretary-General following up the Goldstone Report is expected.

Also expected in August:

  • The Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee’s monitoring team is expected to finalise its report on the outcome of the review of the list of individuals and entities subject to its sanctions regime.
  • The second round of presidential elections in Guinea

The Council is expected to be briefed by the:

  • Head of MINURCAT, Youssef Mahmoud
  • Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia, Miroslav JenĨa
  • Chair of the DPRK Sanctions Committee, Ambassador Ertugrul Apakan of Turkey
  • Special Representative Ad Melkert on Iraq
  • Force Commanders and the Secretariat on Peacekeeping
  • Regular monthly Middle East briefing



Important Dates over the Horizon

  • The General Assembly’s annual general debate will start on 14 September.
  • Parliamentary elections in Afghanistan are expected on 18 September.
  • The IAEA Summit will be held from 20 to 24 September in Vienna, Austria.
  • General Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina are expected in October.
  • Legislative elections in Chad are expected for November.
  • Presidential elections in Haiti are expected in November.
  • General elections in Myanmar are expected later in 2010.
  • Referenda for southern Sudan and Abyei are to be held under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) by 9 January 2011.
  • Legislative elections in the DRC are expected in July 2011 and presidential elections are expected in October 2011.
  • Legislative and presidential elections in Liberia are expected in October 2011.