Chronology of Events

revised on 4 April 2014

Sierra Leone

14 May 2008

UNIOSIL and the Political Parties Registration Committee organised a meeting in Freetown where representatives of major political parties committed to peaceful local council elections and the police pledged to remain politically neutral.

22 February 2008

The Special Court for Sierra Leone dismissed the appeals of three former members of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council, which formed the miltary junta that ousted former Sierra Leonean President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah.

31 January 2008

The Secretary-General submitted  a completion strategy for UNIOSIL to the Council.

7 January 2008

The Special Court for Sierra Leone resumed the trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor at The Hague.

January 2008

The PBC country-specific configuration on Sierra Leone drew up an action plan covering the January-June period for implementing the  Cooperation Framework for Sierra Leone.

21 December 2008

The Council adopted resolution 1793 extending the mandate of UNIOSIL until 30 September 2008.