Chronology of Events

revised on 4 April 2014

Sierra Leone

May 2011

A high-level delegation of the PBC visited Sierra Leone from 23-27 May, taking note of the progress made by Sierra Leone.

March 2011

On 24 March, the Council was  briefed by the Executive Representative of the Secretary-General in Sierra Leone, the Foreign Minister of Sierra Leone and the chairman of the PBC country-specific configuration for Sierra Leone.

September 2010

On 29 September, the Council adopted resolution 1940, lifting the sanctions that it had imposed on Sierra Leone in response to the civil war in the 1990’s, and resolution 1941, extending the mandate of UNIPSIL for another year. The Council was briefed on developments in Sierra Leone by the head of UNIPSIL on 28 September. 

July 2010

On 15 July, through an exchange of letters (S/2010/385 and S/2010/384) with the Secretary-General, the Council accepted his proposal that he would work out an agreement with the Sierra Leonean government to set up a residual mechanism for the Special Court for Sierra Leone.