Chronology of Events

revised on 4 April 2014

Sierra Leone

April 2012

On 11 April, the Council released a presidential statement on Sierra Leone in which the Council welcomed a clarification made by the Sierra Leone government on a multi-million dollar purchase of arms and underlined the importance of free, fair and transparent elections on 17 November.

March 2012

The Secretary-General’s Executive Representative for UNIPSIL, who was withdrawn from Sierra Leone on 6 February, briefed the Council on 22 March raising issue with the arms purchase. This was followed by consultations. Sierra Leone’s Foreign Minister as well as the head of the PBC configuration for Sierra Leone also briefed the Council.

February 2012

On 6 February, the Secretary-General withdrew his Executive Representative for UNIPSIL, Michael von der Schulenburg, following a request by the Sierra Leone government.

January 2012

The chair of the PBC country-specific configuration on Sierra-Leone visited Sierra Leone from 21-31 January. 

September 2011

On 14 September, the Council adopted resolution 2005 renewing the mandate of UNIPSIL for a period of 12 months and charging it with providing technical assistance to all relevant stakeholders to play a meaningful role “in achieving peaceful, credible and democratic elections.” On 12 September, the Council was briefed on developments in Sierra Leone by Executive Representative for the Secretary-General and the Chairperson of the PBC country specific configuration for Sierra Leone. The Council was then briefed by the Foreign Minister of Sierra Leone.