November 2016 Monthly Forecast

Posted 28 October 2016
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Senegal will have the presidency of the Council in November and has planned three meetings to discuss peace operations: an open debate on the challenges of asymmetric threats to peace operations; a debate on UN-AU cooperation; and a briefing on UN policing.

The Security Council is expected to undertake a visiting mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Senegal has organised a briefing on the Great Lakes Region to be held prior to the visit.

Other centrepieces of the November presidency will include an open debate on the issue of water, peace and security and a briefing on cooperation between the UN and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

Council members will be closely following developments in Syria and South Sudan this month. Regarding North Korea, the chair of the 1718 DPRK Sanctions Committee will brief in consultations. In addition, it is possible that the Council will adopt a resolution in response to the DPRK’s 9 September nuclear test.

There will be discussion on several other African issues this month:

  • Burundi, consultations on the Secretary-General’s Burundi report and the Special Adviser’s recent meetings in the region;
  • Libya, the semi-annual briefing from the ICC Prosecutor;
  • Somalia, the renewal of the sanctions regime and counter-piracy measures; and
  • Sudan/South Sudan, the renewal of UNISFA in Abyei.

Other Middle East issues that will be considered this month are:

  • Iraq, on the activities of UNAMI;
  • Israel/Palestine, the monthly briefing; and
  • Lebanon, the implementation of resolutions 1559 and 1701.

Regarding European situations, the Council will hold its semi-annual debate on Bosnia and Herzegovina and will adopt a resolution renewing the authorisation of the EU-led multinational stabilisation force there. The Council will also have its quarterly briefing on the activities of UNMIK in Kosovo.

The 15 current Council members and the incoming five (Bolivia, Ethiopia, Italy, Kazakhstan and Sweden) will participate in the annual “Hitting the Ground Running” workshop outside of New York City, organised by Finland.


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