August 2009 Monthly Forecast

Posted 30 July 2009
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The United Kingdom will hold the presidency of the Council in August. At print time, the first part of the month appeared particularly busy.

There will be two open debates in the first week of August: on peacekeepingand on the implementation of Council resolution 1820 on sexual violence in situations of armed conflict. The debate on peacekeeping is likely to result in a presidential statement, whereas an outcome from the other open debate is expected in the fall, most likely in September.

Two mandates are due for renewal: that of the mission in Iraq (UNAMI) by 7 August and of the peacekeeping operation in Lebanon (UNIFIL) by 31 August. Consultations and formal meetings are expected.

The Council will receive a briefing from the chair of its sanctions committee on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (the 1718 Committee).

The annual reports from the International Criminal Tribunals on Rwanda (ICTR) and the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) are also due to be received in August (the Council has not in the past held discussions on these reports but developments may lead to consideration of whether some Council action is desirable).

A Secretary-General’s report on the benchmarks and drawdown of the operation in Liberia(UNMIL) is due mid-month. The mandate does not expire until September and no formal discussions are expected in August. However, given the other pressures in September, experts may start their thinking on Liberia somewhat sooner.

Members will be following closely the situation in Afghanistan, with elections scheduled for 20 August as well as in Myanmar, where the verdict and the sentencing in the trial of Aung San Suu Kyi are expected.

Somalia will also be on Council members’ minds as the sanctions committee moves closer to finalising names for targeted sanctions and because of the connection to related issues in the region.

Members may also hold informal discussions on the Council’s annual report to the General Assembly.
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