July 2009 Monthly Forecast

Posted 30 June 2009
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Notable Dates

Reports for consideration in July

Document Requesting Report

30 June

SG report on the DRC (MONUC)


30 June

SG report on resolution 1701


30 June

SG report on Women, Peace and Security


30 June

SG report on West Africa (UNOWA)


10 July

SG report on Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI)


13 July

SG report on Nepal (UNMIN)


13 July

SG report on Sudan (UNAMID)


14 July

SG report on Chad and CAR (MINURCAT)


17 July

SG report on Somalia


mid July

SG report on Sudan (UNMIS)


mid to end of July

SG report on review of Council resolutions on Iraq


by end of July or early August

SG report on Iraq (DFI and IAMB)


July 2009

Mandates Expire

Relevant Document

23 July

Nepal (UNMIN)


31 July

Sudan (UNAMID)


31 July

Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI)


July 2009

Other Important Dates

13 July

Trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor is expected to resume.

15 July

1718 Sanctions Committee (DPRK) report is expected (S/RES/1874).

25 July

Regional presidential and parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan region of Iraq are scheduled.

31 July

The 1267 monitoring team (Al-Qaida and Taliban sanctions) is expected to submit its report on states’ implementation of resolution 1822.

by end of July

The Chairman of the Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict is expected to report to the Council on activities of the Working Group from 30 June 2008 to 1 July 2009.

Also expected in July:

  • The Council will hold an open debate on the Middle East.
  • The Council will hold an open debate on post-conflict peacebuilding.
  • AU Summit will be held 24 June- 3 July 2009.
  • Referendum on the Status of Forces Agreement between the US and Iraq is expected to be held in Iraq by 30 July 2009.

Important Dates over the Horizon

  • An international conference on the middle east peace process is to convene in 2009.
  • Presidential elections are expected in Afghanistan on 20 August 2009.
  • Presidential elections are expected in Côte d’Ivoire on 29 November 2009.
  • Legislative elections in Chad are currently slated for 2009.
  • Gubernatorial elections in the DRC are currently slated for 2009.
  • Parliamentary elections for Iraq are provisionally scheduled for end of 2009 or early 2010.
  • Palestinian presidential and legislative elections are to be held in January 2010.
  • Elections (presidency and parliament, south Sudanese presidency, state governors, southern parliament and state assemblies) in Sudan are expected in February 2010.

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