November 2006 Monthly Forecast

Posted 30 October 2006
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Working Group on General Issues of Sanctions

Given a challenging new mandate by the Council in December 2005 “to develop general recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of United Nations sanctions”, the Informal Working Group on General Issues of Sanctions, under the leadership of Greece, is expected to present its recommendations to the Council by the end of November.  These will cover best practices, including in the following areas:

  • Committee working methods;
  • monitoring and enforcement of sanctions regimes;
  • sanctions design, implementation and evaluation;
  • evidentiary standards for the reports of the monitoring mechanisms; and
  • a standard format for reports.

Our January Forecast reported on previous discussions in the Working Group aimed at increasing the effectiveness of targeted sanctions and covered the best practices developed to that point with regard to targeted sanctions, including timely action at all decision-making levels (the Council, the sanctions committees and at the national level), transparency in the sanctions process and an adherence to rigorous standards by expert groups.

It is anticipated that the Council will act on these recommendations.  Past recommendations contained provisions that were strongly opposed by some Council members, resulting in the package becoming stalled in the Council. Under the Greek leadership strenuous effort has been made to produce a set of recommendations on which the Council will be able to agree.

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UN Documents

 Selected Notes by the President of the Security Council
  • S/2005/841 (29 December 2005) established the mandate of the Working Group for 2006.
  • S/2004/1014 (23 December 2004) extended the mandate of the Working Group for 2005.
  • S/2000/319 (17 April 2000) was on the establishment of the Working Group on General Issues of Sanctions.
  • S/1999/92 (29 January 1999) was on proposals to improve the work of sanctions committees.
  • S/2003/1197 (22 January 2004) was a letter to the president of the Council containing the chairman of the Working Group’s statement.
  • Chairman’s Proposed Outcome (26 September 2002) was a draft paper prepared by the chairman of the Working Group. 

Previous SCR Reports on Informal Working Group on General Issues of Sanctions

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