UN Documents for Sanctions

Selected Security Council Resolutions View All
5 November 2018 S/RES/2441 This was a resolution extending the mandate of the Panel of Experts and renewing measures related to the illicit export of crude oil from Libya until 15 February 2020 adopted with 13 votes in favour and two abstentions (China and Russia).
14 November 2017 S/RES/2385 This was a resolution on Somalia and Eritrea sanctions with 11 affirmative votes and four abstentions (Bolivia, China, Egypt, Russia).
5 September 2017 S/RES/2374 This established a targeted sanctions regime on Mali.
Selected Security Council Presidential Statements View All
1 January 2006 S/PRST/2006/28 This statement affirmed the Council's commitment to promoting justice and the rule of law. It also asked the 1267 Committee to continue to work on its listing and de-listing procedures. It contained the Council's most statement on the "listing/delisting" issue.
9 July 1999 S/PRST/1999/22 This statement conveyed the Council’s intention to lift suspended sanctions on Libya “as soon as possible”.
8 April 1999 S/PRST/1999/10 This statement suspended sanctions on Libya after the Council was satisfied that the two suspects in the Lockerbie bombing had arrived in The Hague.
Selected Secretary-General's Reports View All
8 February 2007 S/2007/68 This was the report of the Secretary-General pursuant to paragraph 8 of resolution 1698 (2006) concerning the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Selected Sanctions Committee Documents View All
5 September 2019 SC/13941 This was a press release on a meeting of the 1970 Libya Sanctions Committee with interested states, including a briefing by the Panel of Experts.
16 November 2018 SC/13587 This was a press release regarding the adding of one individual to the sanctions list.
1 October 2018 SC/13527 This was a press release on the removal of one entity from the sanctions list.
Selected Security Council Letters View All
31 December 2020 S/2020/1216 This was to the president of the Security Council from Ambassador Sven Jürgenson (Estonia), chair of the 1518 Iraq Sanctions Committee 2020-2021, transmitting the annual report of the committee.
4 December 2020 S/2020/1172 This was the summary of the Arria-formula meeting of the Security Council on the theme “End unilateral coercive measures now”.
21 June 2017 S/2017/534 This was a letter from the Permanent Representative of Australia to the President of the Security Council requesting the circulation, as a document of the Security Council, of the annexed assessment of the High Level Review.
Selected Security Council Meeting Records View All
17 December 2019 S/PV.8688 This was an annual briefing held by the outgoing chairs of the Security Council Subsidiary Bodies.
14 November 2017 S/PV.8099 This was the meeting at which the Council adopted resolution 2385 on Somalia and Eritrea sanctions.
4 May 2016 S/PV.7686 This was a briefing on the work of the 1540 Committee in a joint briefing with the chairs of the other counter-terrorism-related committees, namely the 1267/1989/2253 Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Da’esh)/Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee; and the 1373 Counter-Terrorism Committee.
Selected Security Council Press Statements View All
17 January 2016 SC/12209 This was a press statement announcing the removal of Bank Sepah and Bank Sepah International from the UN sanctions list related to Iran, referred to as the 2231 List.
24 August 2012 SC/10748 This press statement announced the addition of Abubaker Shariff Ahmed to the list of individuals subject to sanctions.
25 July 2012 SC/10728 This press statement announced the addition of Aboud Rogo Mohamed to the list of individuals subject to sanctions.
Selected General Assembly Documents View All
14 April 2004 A/RES/58/290 This was the General Assembly resolution on the role of diamonds fuelling conflict.
1 December 2000 A/RES/55/56 This was the General Assembly resolution on breaking the link between rough diamonds and armed conflict.
Selected IAEA Documents View All
16 January 2016 S/2016/57 This was an IAEA report submitted to the Council confirming that Iran had taken the steps required under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for nuclear related sanctions to be lifted, thus marking the arrival of the plan’s implementation day.
Selected Notes by the President of the Security Council View All
22 February 2016 S/2016/170 This was a note by the president of the Council that outlined a set of measures aimed at improving the transparency of the Council’s subsidiary organs, improving the selection process and the preparation of chairs and improving the interaction and coordination among subsidiary organs and between the Council and the subsidiary organs.
16 January 2016 S/2016/44 This was a note by the president that outlined the practical arrangements and procedures for how the Council would carry out the tasks related to the implementation of the new provisions that came into effect on implementation day under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.
29 December 2005 S/2005/841 This note by the President of the Security Council established the mandate of the Working Group on General Issues of Sanctions for 2006.