Chronology of Events

revised on 30 January 2015

LRA-affected areas

March 2009

On 13 March the LRA spokesman announced a cease fire starting 18 March to give the peace dialogue a chance. On 10 March, the Pre-Trial Chamber II of the ICC ruled that the case of the situation in Uganda was admissible.

February 2009

On 17 February the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs briefed the Council on his visit to the DRC from 6 to 10 February. He said the number of deaths since December 2008 as a result of LRA attacks was believed to have approached 900 while 160,000 were estimated to have fled their homes.

January 2009

On 16 January the Council issued a press statement strongly condemning attacks carried out by the LRA which had resulted in over 500 dead and over 400 abducted.

December 2008

On 22 December the Council issued a presidential statement condemning Kony’s repeated failure to sign the final peace agreement, recalling the outstanding ICC arrest warrant for LRA leaders and welcoming the “joint efforts” of states in the region to address the security threat posed by the LRA. On 14 December, the militaries of Uganda, the DRC and southern Sudan launched a campaign (Operation Lighting Thunder) against LRA bases in the forested area of Garamba, in eastern DRC.

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