Chronology of Events

revised on 30 January 2015

LRA-affected areas

May 2013

On 29 May, the Council was briefed on the Secretary-General’s report on the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and on UNOCA by Abou Moussa, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and head of UNOCA. The Council adopted a presidential statement condemning the actions of the LRA and requesting that the Secretary-General keep it informed through a single report on UNOCA and the LRA by 15 November 2013.

April 2013

The implementation plan for the UN regional strategy to address LRA activity was submitted to the Council on 19 April. On 29 April, the Council issued a press statement expressing concern over the recent pause of operations to counter the LRA in CAR. 

December 2012

On 18 December, the Council received a briefing from the Special Representative and head of UNOCA, Abou Moussa, on the Secretary-General’s most recent report on UNOCA and LRA-affected areas. On 19 December, the Council adopted a presidential statement requesting Moussa to keep the Council informed via a single report on UNOCA and the LRA to be submitted before 15 May 2013.

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