UN Documents for Security Council Working Methods

Selected Security Council Resolutions View All
21 December 2006 S/RES/1732 This resolution welcomed the report of the Working Group on General Issues of Sanctions and requested its subsidiary bodies to take note of methodological standards and best practices proposed in the report.
19 December 2006 S/RES/1730 This resolution established "a focal point" within the UN Secretariat to process submissions for de-listing under Council resolutions involving targeted sanctions.
26 July 2005 S/RES/1612 This resolution set up the Council's Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict and highlighted the link between illicit trafficking in small arms and the use of child soldiers.
Selected Security Council Presidential Statements View All
30 October 2015 S/PRST/2015/19 This was the first presidential statement adopted by the Council on its own working methods.
31 January 2001 S/PRST/2001/3 This presidential statement decided to establish the Council's working group on peacekeeping operations.
28 March 1996 S/PRST/1996/13 This presidential statement reiterated the desire for enhanced consultation and exchange of information between the Council and TCCs, noted that procedures previously agreed upon to meet this goal had not been fully implemented and agreed on additional procedures to facilitate communication between the Council and the TCCs.
Selected Secretary-General's Reports View All
2 January 2018 S/2018/10 This is the summary statement by the Secretary-General of matters of which the Security Council is seized.
21 August 2000 S/2000/809 This was the report of the Panel on the United Nations Peace Operations (also known as the Brahimi Report).
25 January 1995 S/1995/1 This was the position paper of the Secretary-General, Supplement to An Agenda for Peace, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations.
Selected Security Council Letters View All
17 March 2023 S/2023/206 This was the report of the 20th annual workshop for the newly elected members of the Security Council, which was held on 17 and 18 November 2022.
28 November 2022 S/2022/880 This letter transmitted the concept note for an open debate organised by India, titled "New orientation for reformed multilateralism", which was held on 14 December 2022.
2 February 2022 S/2022/88 This was a letter from the permanent representative of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as the 2020-2021 chair of the IWG.
Selected Security Council Meeting Records View All
3 September 2023 S/PV.9410 The meeting record was on the Security Council debate on working methods.
24 April 2023 S/PV.9308 This was a ministerial-level open debate on “Effective multilateralism through the defense of the principles of the UN Charter”.
28 June 2022 S/PV.9079 This was an open debate on the theme “Security Council working methods”.
Selected General Assembly Documents View All
30 June 2023 A/77/2 This document entails the 2022 Report of Security Report to the General Assembly.
26 April 2022 A/RES/76/262 This General Assembly resolution stipulated that the President of the General Assembly shall convene a formal meeting of the General Assembly within ten working days of a veto being cast by a permanent member of the Security Council.
10 September 2019 A/73/2 This was the 2018 annual report of the Security Council. The Assembly discussed the report in two sessions (on 10 and 12 September) with 27 speakers, including 14 permanent representatives, participating.
Selected Notes by the President of the Security Council View All
1 December 2023 S/2023/945 This Security Council President's note was on penholderships.
21 August 2023 S/2023/615 This note is on the functioning of subsidiary body chairs.
21 August 2023 S/2023/612 The note is on the orderly conduct of minutes of silence in the Security Council.
Selected Other Documents View All
30 December 2023 S/2023/1014 This was a letter from the Chair of the Informal Working Group (IWG) on Documentation and Other Procedural Questions to the President of the Security Council, conveying the annual report of the IWG.
30 December 2022 S/2022/1032 This document entails the first annual report of the IWG.
29 December 2022 S/2022/1011 This document entails the letter dated 29 December 2022 from the Permanent Representatives of India, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, and Norway to the United Nations addressed to the President of the Security Council.