November 2013 Monthly Forecast

Posted 31 October 2013
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Notable Dates for November

Report Due Report for Consideration in November
25 October SG report on UNMIK (Kosovo) S/RES/1244
25 October  1718 DPRK Panel of Experts midterm report S/RES/2094
28 October OPCW report on the implementation of resolution 2118 (Syrian chemical weapons)
5 November High Representative’s Report on Bosnia and Herzegovina S/RES/2074
8 November SG report on UNMISS (South Sudan) S/RES/2109
13 November SG report on the implementation of resolution 1701 (Lebanon/UNIFIL) S/RES/2115
14 November SG report on UNAMI (Iraq) S/RES/2110
15 November SG special UNOCA report on the regional LRA strategy S/PRST/2013/6
20 November  SG report on Iraq/Kuwait Missing Persons and Property S/RES/2110
21 November SG concurrent reports on UNIOGBIS and the restoration of constitutional order in Guinea-Bissau S/RES/2103 and S/RES/2048
Mandates Expire  
14 November EUFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina authorisation S/RES/2074
30 November UNISFA (Abyei) S/RES/2104
Other Important Dates  
5-6 November An AU Peace and Security Council trip to Abyei is expected. 
24 November  First round of the legislative elections are to be held in Mali. 


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