UN Documents for Security Council Working Methods: General Assembly Documents

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11 December 1992 A/RES/47/62 This resolution requested the Secretary-General to invite member states to submit written comments on a possible review of Council membership and asked the Secretary-General to submit to the General Assembly a report containing the comments of member states on the subject at its 48th session.
31 December 1984 A/520/Rev.15 These were the rules of procedure of the General Assembly, including amendments and additions adopted on 31 December 1984.
17 December 1963 A/RES/1991 (XVIII) Part A of this resolution adopted amendments to the Charter on the composition of the Council and establishing the allocation of seats to various regions.
24 January 1946 A/RES/11/1 This was a resolution in which the General Assembly determined how the Security Council would proceed in selecting a Secretary-General.