UN Documents for Kosovo: General Assembly Documents

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9 September 2010 A/64/PV.120 This was the meeting record of the General Assembly’s adoption of the resolution acknowledging the ICJ’s advisory opinion on Kosovo.
9 September 2010 A/RES/64/298 This resolution acknowledged the ICJ’s advisory opinion on Kosovo.
8 September 2010 A/64/L.65/Rev.1 This was the General Assembly resolution welcoming EU-mediated talks between Serbia and Kosovo.
27 July 2010 A/64/876 This was the letter from Serbia to the Secretary-General outlining Serbia's position concerning the ICJ advisory opinion.
26 July 2010 A/64/881 This was the ICJ Advisory opinion on the accordance with international law of the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo.
8 October 2008 A/RES/63/3 This resolution referred Kosovo's declaration of independence to the ICJ for an advisory opinion.