UN Documents for Ukraine

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27 February 2022 S/RES/2623 This resolution called for an “emergency special session” (ESS) of the General Assembly to consider and recommend collective action on the situation in Ukraine. This represented the first time in four decades that the Council has adopted a “Uniting for Peace” resolution, whereby the Council refers a situation on which its permanent members are deadlocked to the General Assembly. It was adopted with 11 votes in favour, one against (Russia), and three abstentions (China, India, and the UAE).
17 February 2015 S/RES/2202 This was a resolution that endorsed the "Package of measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements" signed on 12 February 2015.
21 July 2014 S/RES/2166 This resolution condemned the downing of Malaysia Airline flight 17 and called for an investigation of the crash.
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6 May 2022 S/PRST/2022/3 This conveyed strong support for the Secretary-General’s efforts in the search for a peaceful solution to the war in Ukraine.
6 June 2018 S/PRST/2018/12 This presidential statement expressed concern over the worsening security situation in eastern Ukraine and condemned continuous violations of the ceasefire, including the use of heavy weapons.
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22 February 2019 S/2019/180 This letter transmitted a statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the fifth anniversary of the beginning of Russian armed aggression against Ukraine.
19 February 2019 S/2019/163 This was a letter from Russia to the Security Council on the fourth anniversary of the signing of the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements.
25 November 2018 S/2018/1052 This was a letter from Ukraine addressed to the Secretary-General on the capture of three Ukrainian navy vessels near the Kerch Strait.
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25 January 2024 S/PV.9536 This was a private meeting on the issue of nuclear safety and security in Ukraine, initiated by France.
22 January 2024 S/PV.9533 This was a meeting on the issue of Western weapons supplies to Ukraine, requested by Russia.
10 January 2024 S/PV.9526 This was a meeting on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, initiated by Ecuador and France.
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31 January 2017 SC/12700 This was a statement on deteriorating situation in Donetsk region.
31 January 2017 SC/12700 This was a statement on deterioration of situation in Donetsk Region.
17 February 2015 SC/11784 This was a press statement that expressed concern over ceasefire violations and continued fighting in Debaltseve.
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2 March 2023 A/RES/ES-11/6 This resolution called for "a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine" based on the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
15 November 2022 A/RES/ES-11/5 This was a resolution titled “Furtherance of remedy and reparation for aggression against Ukraine”.
13 October 2022 A/RES/ES-11/4 This was a resolution declaring that the staged referendums and attempted annexation of the regions in Ukraine are invalid and illegal under international law.
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4 March 2022 A/HRC/RES/49/1 This was a resolution adopted by the Human Rights Council establishing an independent international Commission of Inquiry to investigate alleged violations and abuses of human rights committed in the context of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.
27 January 2015 A/HRC/28/64/Add.1 This was the report of the Human Rights Mission to Ukraine on the situation in the country, including Crimea.
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12 May 2023 Arria-formula Meeting Concept Note: Ukrainian Orthodox Church This was an Arria-formula meeting convened by Russia on 12 May 2023, titled: "Situation with freedom of religion and belief in Ukraine: persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church”.
27 March 2023 S/2023/212 This was a Security Council draft resolution prepared by Russia on the September 2022 Nord Stream pipelines incident.
20 January 2023 Arria-formula Meeting Concept Note: Donbas This was an Arria-formula meeting convened by Russia on 20 January 2022, titled: “The systematic war of Ukraine against the residents of Donbass: 2014 and Onwards”.