UN Documents for Ukraine

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17 February 2015 S/RES/2202 This was a resolution that endorsed the "Package of measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements" signed on 12 February 2015.
21 July 2014 S/RES/2166 This resolution condemned the downing of Malaysia Airline flight 17 and called for an investigation of the crash.
20 July 1988 S/RES/616 This resolution expressed deep distress at the US warship’s downing of flight 655, welcomed the ICAO’s decision to conduct an immediate investigation and urged “honourable and durable” settlement of the Iran-Iraq conflict.
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6 June 2018 S/PRST/2018/12 This presidential statement expressed concern over the worsening security situation in eastern Ukraine and condemned continuous violations of the ceasefire, including the use of heavy weapons.
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25 November 2018 S/2018/1052 This was a letter from Ukraine addressed to the Secretary-General on the capture of three Ukrainian navy vessels near the Kerch Strait.
1 November 2018 S/2018/984 This was a letter from Russia addressed to the Secretary-General on the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.
10 July 2015 S/2015/528 This was a letter to the president of the Security Council from Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine, requesting the Council to establish a tribunal to prosecute persons connected with the downing of MH17.
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26 November 2018 S/PV.8409 This was an emergency meeting, requested by Ukraine, on the situation in Ukraine after Russia captured three Ukranian vessels in the Kerch Strait.
6 June 2018 S/PV.8276 This was the meeting at which the Council adopted a presidential statement expressing concern over the worsening security situation in eastern Ukraine and condemned continuous violations of the ceasefire.
29 May 2018 S/PV.8270 This was a briefing on the situation in Ukraine chaired by Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz.
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31 January 2017 SC/12700 This was a statement on deteriorating situation in Donetsk region.
31 January 2017 SC/12700 This was a statement on deterioration of situation in Donetsk Region.
17 February 2015 SC/11784 This was a press statement that expressed concern over ceasefire violations and continued fighting in Debaltseve.
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28 March 2014 A/RES/68/262 This was the General Assembly resolution on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.
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27 January 2015 A/HRC/28/64/Add.1 This was the report of the Human Rights Mission to Ukraine on the situation in the country, including Crimea.
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5 September 2017 S/2017/754 This was a letter containing a Russian draft resolution on the establishment of UN support mission to protect OSCE SMM in Eastern Ukraine.
29 July 2015 S/2015/562 This was a draft resolution, presented by Malaysia, to establish a tribunal for prosecution of those responsible for the downing of flight MH17. Russia vetoed the draft resolution, preventing the establishment of the tribunal. Angola, China and Venezuela abstained.
15 March 2014 S/2014/189 This was a draft resolution on Ukraine that was not adopted due to a veto by Russia.