UN Documents for Ukraine: Other

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23 March 2022 S/2022/231 This was a Security Council draft resolution on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine drafted by Russia and co-sponsored by Belarus, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and Syria. The resolution failed to be adopted because it did not garner the requisite support, receiving two votes in favour (China and Russia) and 13 abstentions.
22 March 2022 A/ES-11/L.3 This was a General Assembly resolution drafted by South Africa and co-sponsored by Angola, the Central African Republic, China, Lesotho, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, which was put to a procedural vote and did not receive the necessary support to be considered by the General Assembly.
25 February 2022 S/2022/155 This was a Security Council draft resolution authored by Albania and the US and co-sponsored by 81 member states, deploring Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in violation of Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter. The draft resolution failed to be adopted because of a veto cast by Russia. Eleven members voted in favour, one against (Russia) and three members abstained (China, India and the United Arab Emirates).
5 September 2017 S/2017/754 This was a letter containing a Russian draft resolution on the establishment of UN support mission to protect OSCE SMM in Eastern Ukraine.
29 July 2015 S/2015/562 This was a draft resolution, presented by Malaysia, to establish a tribunal for prosecution of those responsible for the downing of flight MH17. Russia vetoed the draft resolution, preventing the establishment of the tribunal. Angola, China and Venezuela abstained.
15 March 2014 S/2014/189 This was a draft resolution on Ukraine that was not adopted due to a veto by Russia.