UN Documents for Energy, Climate and Natural Resources

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14 September 2005 S/RES/1625 This was a declaration on the effectiveness of the Security Council's role in conflict prevention, reaffirming the need to adopt a broad strategy to conflict prevention, which addresses the root causes of armed conflict in a comprehensive manner, including by promoting sustainable development.
9 December 2002 S/RES/1448 This resolution ended all sanctions against UNITA in Angola.
19 October 2001 S/RES/1374 This resolution requested the monitoring mechanism to provide the Committee within 60 days of the adoption of this resolution with a detailed action plan for its future work.
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28 July 2014 S/PRST/2014/14 This presidential statement prohibited illicit oil trade as a source of revenue for terrorists in Iraq and Syria.
20 July 2011 S/PRST/2011/15 This was a presidential statement on climate change.
25 June 2007 S/PRST/2007/22 This presidential statement was on the role of natural resources in conflict.
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25 October 2011 S/2011/661 This report on protection of Somali natural resources and waters and alleged illegal fishing and dumping was requested by resolution 1976.
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14 February 2023 S/2023/106 This was the Peacebuilding Commission's written advice for the 14 February Council open debate on the theme “Threats to international peace and security: sea level rise – implications for international peace and security”.
9 September 2021 S/2021/782 This letter transmitted the concept note circulated by Ireland ahead of 22 September high-level open debate, which stated that climate change is becoming “an ever-stronger and more destructive force” that affects international peace and security.
25 February 2021 S/2021/198 This was a VTC meeting under the agenda item of Maintenance of international peace and security: Climate and security
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13 June 2023 S/PV.9345 The meeting record is on climate change, peace and security.
14 February 2023 S/PV.9260 This was a ministerial-level open debate on sea-level rise and its implications for international peace and security.
12 October 2022 S/PV.9150 This was the debate on the theme “Threats to international peace and security: climate and security in Africa”. 
Selected Security Council Press Statements View All
20 October 2006 SC/8856 The Council expressed its decision to not renew timber sanctions against Liberia.
5 June 2003 SC/7778 The Council expressed its decision to not renew diamond sanctions against Sierra Leone which had expired on 4 June.
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15 July 2015 A/69/L.80 This was a resolution on tackling illicit trafficking in wildlife.
11 September 2009 A/64/350 This was the report addressed to the General Assembly on climate change and its possible security implications.
3 June 2009 A/RES/63/281 This resolution invited UN organs to consider the issue of climate change within their mandates.
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21 March 2011 A/HRC/17/31 This included the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
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22 March 2023 Arria-formula Meeting Concept Note: Protection of Civilians This was an Arria-formula meeting convened by Mozambique and Switzerland on 22 March 2023, titled: "Protection of civilians: Achieving a better protection of water-related essential services and infrastructure for the civilian population during armed conflicts”.
1 March 2023 A/77/L.58 This was the Vanuatu-initiated General Assembly resolution titled “Request for an advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on the obligations of States in respect of climate change”.
13 December 2021 S/2021/990 This was the draft resolution in blue on climate and security. The draft resolution failed to be adopted because of a veto from Russia. It received 12 votes in favour, two against (India and Russia) and one abstention (China). The draft resolution was co-sponsored by 113 member states.