UN Documents for Energy, Climate and Natural Resources: Security Council Resolutions

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14 September 2005 S/RES/1625 This was a declaration on the effectiveness of the Security Council's role in conflict prevention, reaffirming the need to adopt a broad strategy to conflict prevention, which addresses the root causes of armed conflict in a comprehensive manner, including by promoting sustainable development.
9 December 2002 S/RES/1448 This resolution ended all sanctions against UNITA in Angola.
19 October 2001 S/RES/1374 This resolution requested the monitoring mechanism to provide the Committee within 60 days of the adoption of this resolution with a detailed action plan for its future work.
12 June 1998 S/RES/1173 This resolution prohibited the direct or indirect import from Angola of all diamonds that were not controlled through the certificate of origin regime.
15 September 1993 S/RES/864 This resolution called for an oil embargo against UNITA in Angola.