Sri Lanka

  • On Monday, 18 April, Council members will receive another in the series of briefings from the Department of Political Affairs head, B. Lynn Pascoe on emerging or significant issues. It seems that Pascoe may focus on: Somalia, Libya and also...

  • 4 June 2009

    Update Report No. 1: Sri Lanka

    Update Report

    The Council members are expecting a briefing on 5 June by the Secretary-General on his 23 May visit to Sri Lanka. The format is likely to be an interactive dialogue involving all Council members, the Secretary-General and the Sri Lankan permanent representative. It will not be a Council meeting as such.

  • 21 April 2009

    Update Report No. 5: Sri Lanka

    Update Report

    The Council is expected to be briefed on Sri Lanka by Catherine Bragg, the Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs tomorrow, 22 April 2009. She is also expected to provide some details of the Secretary-General’s Chief of Staff, Vijay Nambiar’s recent visit to Sri Lanka.

  • 26 February 2009

    Update Report No. 3: Sri Lanka

    Update Report

    On 27 February, the Council is expecting a briefing by John Holmes, Under Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, on the humanitarian situation in Sri Lanka. This briefing follows his 19 – 21 February visit to Sri Lanka. It will take place in closed consultations under “Other Matters”, following a briefing on the Peacebuilding Support Office.