Security Council Subsidiary Bodies

  • In December the Chairman of the Sanctions Committee created by resolution 1267 (Al-Qaida/Taliban), submitted two letters to the Security Council (S/2005/760 and S/2005/761).

  • The Security Council has finalised the appointments of its 2006 chairpersons to Council subsidiary bodies, sanctions committees and working groups on 4 January. Chairpersons for the Informal Working Group on General Issues related to Sanctions and for the Informal Working Group on Documentation and other Procedural Issues was agreed on 31 January.

  • November 2005

    Security Council Subsidiary Bodies

    Monthly Forecast

    The chairmen of the Sanctions Committees on Al-Qaida/Taliban, Liberia and Somalia have recently outlined significant problems besetting the effective implementation of the sanctions measures, including evidence of significant sanctions violations by states, groups and individuals. In light of these reports, the Council has renewed the relevant sanctions measures and broadened the mandates of committees and their experts for monitoring the implementation of the sanctions.