June 2011 Monthly Forecast

Posted 31 May 2011
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Gabon has the presidency of the Council in June.

A number of debates are planned. A high-level open debate on HIV/AIDS is planned early in the month. And another thematic debate, on small arms and drug trafficking, seems likely later in the month.

Another major feature in June could be a private meeting to consider a recommendation from the Security Council regarding the reappointment of the Secretary-General.

A debate is also planned on the International Tribunals.

There will be a debate on the counterterrorism machinery in the context of the renewal of the mandates for the Ombudsperson and the monitoring team assisting the Taliban/Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee established under resolution 1267.

Sudan will be a major focus during the month. The US and Russia will brief on the visit of the Council delegation to Sudan. Consultations and decisions on the future of UNMIS seem likely. There will also be briefings on Sudan from the ICC prosecutor (followed by a private meeting) and from the Sudan Sanctions Committee (in informal consultations).

On the DRC, a briefing by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, a meeting in informal consultations and a meeting with troop contributors are expected, along with the adoption of a resolution on the renewal of MONUSCO. A briefing in informal consultations on the DRC Sanctions Committee is also anticipated.

Two other peacekeeping missions are scheduled for review and renewal—UNDOF (monitoring the Syria/Israel) ceasefire line and UNFICYP (monitoring the peace in Cyprus). Briefings in informal consultations and meetings with troop contributors are expected on both situations.

On Somalia, there will be a briefing by the UK on the meetings of the Security Council delegation held in Nairobi with Somali leaders and later in the month there will be a briefing on the Secretary-General’s expected report on piracy.

Libya is likely to be discussed in several briefings and consultations including the briefing by South Africa and France on the meeting in Addis Ababa between the Council delegation and the AU Peace and Security Council. Other African issues may be covered in that briefing, as well as the developing relationship between the AU PSC and the Security Council.

The AU/UN relationship will also be a feature of a briefing mid-month on the expected report from the Secretary-General on options for providing support to AU peacekeeping efforts.

Resolutions are expected to be adopted renewing the mandates of the panels of experts assisting the sanctions committees on DPRK and Iran, and the Iran Sanctions Committee chair will also brief the Council.

Consultations are expected on:

  • the monthly DPA briefing;
  • the monthly discussion on the Middle East (which will be preceded by the usual public briefing);
  • Iraq/Kuwait; and
  • Guinea Bissau (preceded by a public briefing).

Reports on Central African Republic, on Liberia (from the panel of experts) and on the temporary redeployment of UNMIL reserves to Côte d’Ivoire will be before the Council. (The authorisation for the latter expires on 30 June.) At press time it was unclear what discussions on these issues will be scheduled.   

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