January 2011 Monthly Forecast

Posted 22 December 2010
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Notable Dates

Report Due

Reports for Consideration in January

Requesting Document

1 January

SG report on Somalia (AMISOM)


4 January

SG report Nepal (UNMIN)


5 January

SG report on Sudan (UNMIS)


14 January

Sudan Panel of Experts report


18 January

SG report on Sudan (UNAMID)


Mandate Expiry in January 2011

Relevant Document

15 January

Nepal (UNMIN)


January 2011

Other Important Dates

9 January

Referendum for southern Sudan commences pursuant to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

16 January

The second round of presidential and legislative elections is tentatively scheduled for Haiti.

23 January

Parliamentary and first round presidential elections are scheduled in the Central African Republic.

Also likely in January:

  • The Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on legal issues related to piracy off the coast of Somalia, Jack Lang, is due to present his recommendations to the Secretary-General.
  • The Secretariat will brief Council members in a “horizon scanning” discussion.
  • The Council will elect chairs and vice-chairs of its subsidiary bodies.
  • The Council will hold a meeting on Haiti.
  • The Council is expected to hold an open debate on the Middle East.


Briefings are expected by:

  • Special Representative of the Secretary General for Central Asia and head of UNRCCA Miroslav JenĨa
  • Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia Augustine Mahiga
  • Head of Peacekeeping Alain Le Roy on Sudan
  • Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Nepal Karin Landgren


Important Dates over the Horizon

  • The result of the referendum for southern Sudan is expected in early February.
  • Legislative elections are expected on 20 February and local elections on 27 March in Chad.
  • First-round presidential elections are expected on 8 May in Chad.
  • Parliamentary elections are scheduled for May in Cyprus.
  • The transitional period as defined by the Transitional Federal Charter of Somalia expires in August.
  • Legislative and presidential elections in Liberia are expected in October.
  • Parliamentary elections and first round of presidential elections are scheduled for 27 November in the DRC.


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