Energy, Climate and Natural Resources

  • June 2013

    Conflict Prevention and Natural Resources

    Monthly Forecast

    In June, the UK is planning to hold an open debate on conflict prevention and natural resources. Briefers are likely to include Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson, a high-level representative of the World Bank and possibly also a representative of the extractive industries. A presidential statement is a possible outcome.

  • The annual Security Council retreat with the Secretary-General begins this evening (22 April) in Greentree, New York, with a full day of discussions tomorrow (23 April). The Secretary-General and senior staff of the UN Secretariat will meet with the permanent...

  • 14 February 2013

    Arria Formula Meeting on Climate Change

    What's in Blue

    Tomorrow morning (15 February) Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant (UK) and Ambassador Masood Khan (Pakistan) will co-chair an Arria formula meeting on the “Security Dimensions of Climate Change”. It seems that the aim of the debate is to have an interactive...

  • On Wednesday (23 November), the Council will hold a high-level briefing on a number of inter-related issues constituting ‘New Challenges to International Peace and Security’. (This will be the first time that the Council will address these ‘new challenges’ together...

  • November 2011

    Emerging Challenges

    Monthly Forecast

    In November the Council is expected to hold an open debate on a range of mutually reinforcing and interlinked issues that Council members view as emerging challenges to international peace and security. These are likely to include threats posed by the HIV/AIDS and other global health pandemics; transnational organised crime; the effects of climate change, including drought and desertification leading to mass population movements and related disruptions; and drug and human trafficking.

  • 19 July 2011

    Climate Change Negotiations

    What's in Blue

    Council members are continuing today their negotiations on a possible presidential statement on climate change. This morning there was a meeting at permanent representative level following meetings yesterday afternoon at both expert and deputy permanent representative level. It seems that...

  • 18 July 2011

    Impact of Climate Change Debate

    What's in Blue

    On Wednesday, 20 July, the Council is scheduled to have a debate on the impact of climate change on the maintenance of international peace and security. Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Achim Steiner will speak. According to...

  • In July, the Council will hold an open debate on the impact of climate change on the maintenance of international peace and security. The executive director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), Achim Steiner, is expected to address the Council, and the Secretary-General may attend. Many countries are also expected to participate in the open debate.

  • On 25 June the Security Council will hold an open debate on the relationship between natural resources and conflict, an initiative of Belgium, this month's Council president. A presidential statement seems likely.

  • On 17 April the Council will hold a ministerial-level open debate on the relationship between energy, security and climate. The meeting, organised at the initiative of the United Kingdom, this month's Council president, will be chaired by UK Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett.