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Posted Fri 2 Dec 2011

Adoption of Libya UN Mission Extension Resolution

This afternoon (December 2), the Council is expected to extend the mandate of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) for three months. Although due to expire on 15 December, Council members were keen to renew the mandate ahead of General Assembly budget discussions on UN mission mandates scheduled for early next week.

The resolution extends the UNSMIL mandate under resolution 2009 of 16 September to assist and support Libya’s national efforts to restore security and order and promote the rule of law; and to promote reconciliation and embark upon constitution-making and electoral processes. In addition, it adds to the mandate in tasking UNSMIL to assist and support Libyan efforts to address the threats of proliferation of arms and related material of all types, particularly man-portable surface to air missiles. This ties in with the Council’s 31 October resolution (S/RES/2017) on prevention of proliferation of arms in Libya and the region.

In carrying out this new task the resolution also asks UNSMIL to take into account the Sanctions Committee report asked for in resolution 2017 on proposals to counter and prevent the threat of arms proliferation.

Ian Martin, head of UNSMIL, last briefed the Council on 28 November. He highlighted the Secretary-General’s recommendation that UNSMIL’s mandate be renewed for another three months in order to allow the mission to assess transition requirements and discuss the UN’s longer term role in Libya with the new Libyan interim government.

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