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Posted Fri 21 Oct 2011

Somalia Piracy Resolution

It appears that the Council is now scheduled to vote on Monday morning (24 October) on a Russian draft resolution on Somali piracy. As previously reported by What’s in Blue (14 October), the draft resolution apparently calls for additional measures to ensure prosecution of suspected pirates operating off the coast of Somalia and would reinforce some of the messages of previous Council resolutions on this issue. Adoption by consensus is expected.

In terms of key provisions, the resolution would reiterate the Council’s request that Somalia adopt counter-piracy laws as soon as possible in order to ensure prosecution and imprisonment of pirates and would call for a report to the Council by 31 December on action taken. It would also urge other states that have not already done so to criminalise piracy under its domestic laws and call on all states to report to the Secretary-General by 31 December on measures taken to ensure prosecution and imprisonment of pirates.

In addition, the resolution would emphasise the importance of international support, cooperation and information sharing. Finally, in terms of follow-up action, the Council would express its intention to continue its consideration of the establishment of specialised anti-piracy courts in Somalia and other states in the region with substantial international participation and support. It seems it would also request the Secretary-General to report to the Council within 90 days, after consulting with these states on practical arrangements, including detailed implementation proposals for the establishment of such courts.

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