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Posted Thu 15 Sep 2011

Libya Resolution

Expert level negotiations on a draft resolution on Libya continued today. Yesterday’s meeting led to a revised version being circulated last night and a second negotiation was scheduled for this morning. It seems possible that the draft resolution may be put in blue this evening in order to be voted on tomorrow, 16 September.

It appears the revised draft includes new language referencing women, peace and security, including women’s participation in any post conflict political process; protection of civilians; and children and armed conflict. While some members thought that the priorities of the new mission should include these elements more explicitly, others indicated a preference to incorporate these elements when discussing a more long-term UN presence after the anticipated expiry of UNSMIL in three months time.

It seems the revised text also includes more substantive references encouraging human rights protection and accountability for international humanitarian law and human rights violations, including sexual violence. Another addition is language calling on Libyan authorities to honour contracts from the Qadaffi era. (The NTC had previously indicated it would do so.)

It appears during yesterday’s meeting, agreement was reached on the elements in the draft resolution covering the arms embargo and assets freeze.

Apparently the resolution will include, as an annex, the letter addressed to the Secretary-General in which the NTC requests UN assistance and support and welcomes the setting up of UNSMIL. Although the NTC letter also indicates that the authorisation under resolution 1973 for a no-fly zone for military aircraft to protect civilians should be maintained until further notice. It continues to be of significant concern to some members, in particular South Africa, and negotiations continue on this issue today. In addition, it seems South Africa may be interested in adding more robust language on protecting the rights of African migrant workers.

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