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Posted Fri 29 Jul 2011

The AU-UN Mission in Darfur Resolution

The Council’s programme of work originally envisaged the adoption of a resolution renewing the AU-UN mission in Darfur (UNAMID) today (28 July). However, it seems that the negotiations have been difficult on some issues and Council members are still finalising the renewal resolution. It remains possible a draft resolution may go under silence today, and then go into blue this evening for adoption tomorrow. (The mission’s mandate expires on 31 July.)

Council members have had several rounds of negotiations on UNAMID since the text was circulated on 22 July. Meetings have been held both at the expert and higher levels. Although most of the draft text was agreed to in the course of the first two readings, the main difference was how to refer to UNAMID’s role in any Darfur-based peace process.

There have been significant differences between Council members for some time on the best timing and approach to locally based peace processes. Some members are particularly concerned about the credibility and sustainability of any such process given the poor human rights conditions in Darfur. South Africa is the key proponent of the AU position that the DPP should commence immediately and other African members of the Council also support the AU position.

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