What's In Blue

Posted Fri 10 Jun 2011


On Monday 13 June, the Council will hold consultations on Cyprus, followed by the adoption of a resolution on extending the mandate of UNFICYP for another 6 months. The resolution is expected to keep to language contained in the Secretary-General’s report.

It seems the P5 as in the past negotiated the text amongst themselves. The P5 agreed text was presented to the non-permanent members of the Council on 8 June. On 9 June, Council experts on Cyprus met at expert level at the UK mission to discuss the draft resolution and made very minor changes to the text.

The Secretary-General and the leaders of the two parties are scheduled to meet in early July, and because of this, despite the lack of progress in the negotiations, Council members appear to be in general agreement that UNFICYP’s mandate renewal is not the time for a more in-depth assessment. However, it seems that there may be some minor new elements in the resolution including the recognition of the important work of the Committee on Missing Persons, and a plea to both sides to agree on the continuation of wider demining activities on the island. (Demining in the previously agreed areas is now complete.)

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