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Posted Mon 25 Apr 2011

Insights on Syria

Council members are currently considering a draft press statement on Syria circulated this morning and are expected to give their comments on the draft by tomorrow morning (Tuesday, 26 April).

It seems the key elements of the press statement include calls for an end to the violence and urges restraint while stressing the importance of respect for human rights. It also supports the Secretary-General’s call for an independent investigation into the recent killings. It appears there is also reference made to how the situation in Syria is significant for the outlook of peace and security across the Middle East.

Last week, Council members were unable to agree to a press statement on Yemen, proposed by Germany, following a briefing by the Department of Political Affairs. Both China and Russia felt this would constitute interference in what they consider domestic matters. Lebanon, for their own domestic political reasons, is likely to be conflicted over a discussion on Syria in the Council. The US today said it was considering targeted national sanctions against the Syrian authorities. There has been no mention that it was looking for the Council to take similar action.

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